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Table 1 Parameter values for the cancer-immune ecology model, estimated from experimental data of BCL 1 lymphoma in the spleen of chimeric mice (see [20])

From: Genetic instability as a driver for immune surveillance

ParameterMeaningKuznetsov et al. (1994) estimate
rCancer cell replication rate0.18day −1
KTumor carrying capacity2×109cells
δcImmune-mediated cancer cell death rate1.101×10−7day−1cells−1
δECancer-mediated immune cell death rate3.422×10−10day−1cells−1
mRate of T cell migration towards tumor site1.3×104cells day −1
gTumor size limit for effective T cell infiltration2.019×107cells
ρRate of cancer cell recognition by the immune system0.1245day −1
dIntrinsic T cell death rate0.0412day −1