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Table 3 PET-CT scan findings in patients with hemodynamic (non-inflammatory) AKI

From: Positron emission tomography as an adjuvant diagnostic test in the evaluation of checkpoint inhibitor-associated acute interstitial nephritis

PatientEtiology of AKIBaseline SUVMaxSUVMax at time of AKIChange in SUVMax
1Cardiorenal AKI from decompensated cirrhosis, atrial mass requiring resection43.8−0.2
2Prerenal AKI due to small bowel obstruction2.82.80
3Prerenal AKI due to intraabdominal sepsis3.12.9−0.2
  1. Comparison of cortical SUVMax before and during AKI for 3 patients undergoing checkpoint inhibitor therapy who had PET performed at the time of AKI. All patients had AKI attributed to clear hemodynamic causes and the AKI resolved without the need for corticosteroids. Patients had PET scans within 0–12 days of AKI
  2. Abbreviations: AKI Acute kidney injury, SUV Standardized uptake value, AIN Acute interstitial nephritis