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Table 1 Neoadjuvant combination chemotherapy (CHT) with or without biological therapy (BT) of enrolled CLM patients

From: Chemotherapy accelerates immune-senescence and functional impairments of Vδ2pos T cells in elderly patients affected by liver metastatic colorectal cancer

CHT cycles
(mean number ± SD)
CHT/BT Regimensa58828.7 ± 5.3
 Combination Therapy with Biologicals
  FOLFOX + VEGF-A mAb1221.57.7 ± 1.4
  FOLFIRI + EGFR mAb1119.011.7 ± 4.3
  FOLFIRI + VEGF-A mAb1017.27.5 ± 3.3
  FOLFIRI + FOLFOX + VEGF-A mAb712.013.0 ± 3.2
  FOLFOX + EGFR mAb610.311.0 ± 2.3
  XELOX + VEGF-A mAb46.98.5 ± 3.4
 Combination Therapy without Biologicals
  FOLFOX46.95.0 ± 1.6
  XELOX23.44.6 ± 1.2
  FOLFIRI23.47.0 ± 6.0
Naïve for CHT13180.0
Total Patients71  
  1. FOLFOX: 5-fluorouracil/oxaliplatin; XELOX: capecitabine/oxaliplatin; FOLFIRI: 5-fluorouracil/irinotecan
  2. EGFR mAb Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor inhibitor monoclonal antibody
  3. VEGF-A mAb Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A monoclonal antibody
  4. aNote:
  5. a) All CLM patients completed their last CHT cycle at least 6 weeks before the blood draws used for our experiments and before surgical procedures
  6. b) The table refers all therapies received by CLM patients before surgery
  7. c) More than 91% of all CLM patients received one line therapy and all other patients received two lines (1st and 2nd) combination therapy: 3 patients received 1st FOLFOX and 2nd FOLFIRI + VEGF-A; 1 patient received 1st FOLFIRI + VEGF-A and 2nd FOLFOX + VEGF-A, and 1 patient received 1st FOLFIRI + VEGF-A and 2nd FOLFOX