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Fig. 1 | Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer

Fig. 1

From: Immunogenic cell death induced by a new photodynamic therapy based on photosens and photodithazine

Fig. 1

Subcellular distribution of photosens (PS) and photodithazine (PD) in cancer cells. The subcellular localization of PS (a) and PD (b) differ significantly as studied by confocal microscopy after 4 h of incubation (both at 10 μM) with GL261 cells. PS is mostly co-localized with lysosomes and, potentially, other intercellular vesicles (a). PS was not detected in mitochondria, ER, Golgi apparatus and nuclei. In contrast, PD accumulated mostly in the ER and Golgi apparatus (b). Fluorescence signal profiles along the lines indicated by the white arrow on the images with superimposed fluorescence channels. Ifl: fluorescence intensity; D: distance along the specified segment. The following dyes were used: LysoTracker Green for lysosomes; MitoTracker Green for mitochondria; ER-Tracker for ER; BODIPY FL С5-ceramide for Golgi apparatus. Scale bars, 20 μm

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